Reduce Your Stress At Home Or Work In Just 10 Minutes!

Discover a Better, Faster Way to Relieve Neck Pain!

  • Advanced pain-relief system with the power of EPM – Electronic Pulse Massage!
  • Instantly releases tension throughout your neck, back, and shoulders!
  • Effective treatment for stiff and sore muscles, injuries, or stress!
  • Hands-free massage collar can be used anywhere, anytime!

The Most Advanced Personal Massage Device Ever Created

NeckRelax uses a combination of cutting-edge massage technologies to stimulate your muscles and release tension held deep within your body in as little as 10 minutes!
Advanced Pain Relief
NeckRelax alleviates muscle pain fast using infrared thermal technology, soothing magnetic therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.
Full Body Treatment
The patented Pulse Patches allow you to send electrical pulses anywhere on your body to stimulate your muscles for total relaxation from head to toe.
Fast & Easy Setup
Made to function right out of the box with minimal work or effort! Just wrap around your neck and relax the pain away.
Don’t Let Neck Pain Hold You Back Any Longer!
NeckRelax helps you take control of your pain, so you can focus on the things that matter. Your muscle pain will melt away, leaving you with more energy, flexibility and confidence than ever before!

NeckRelax is the most advanced personal massage device ever created. Pulse patches allow you to send electrical pulses anywhere on your body. This stimulates your muscles from head to toe promoting total comfort and relaxation. Being relaxed and comfortable at work has never been easier. Providing you with more energy to achieve your goals.
In less than ten minutes, you can reduce neck pain. Working from a computer or phone can cause bad posture. This can trigger neck pain and increase stress levels. Infrared heat and electrical frequencies are known to relieve stress. NeckRelax combines those technologies with 7 distinctive massage modes. Put on NeckRelax and feel the joy of stress and pain melting away.

Customers Reviews

Alice Jones, New York, USA
It felt warm, relaxing, and deeply gratifying. After a few minutes, it felt like the cold ball of tension at the base of my neck was melting away. The sensation seemed to run down the edge of my spine. Exactly what I needed at that moment.
David Smith, California, USA
“Very cool thing! The massager can be used on any area of the body, neck, legs, abdomen, arms. I took for neck massage, as it is in this area, i have certain problems. The massager has several modes of operation: tingling, slight tapping, you can choose an easy massage, or you can more intensively. The massage turns out a pleasant, relaxing, really this small massager, does its work well…I really like it.”
Claude Brown, Quebec, Canada
“Tried it, and it really helps! After 3 sessions “crunch” in the neck significantly decreased. And the whole family is delighted. Great thanks to the seller and manufacturer!!!”